Grading Update, Ninjas Stripe Test and Fee changes

Important information for booking yourself into a grading

Going forward we are asking everyone to make sure they book into their requested grading. This is done by:

If you are paying cash:

  • Returning the completed grading form plus the money requested to your instructor at least 2 days prior to your actual grading (you must state which grading you are going to attend on the form)
  • If you are unable to give it to the instructor, you have 2 options:
    • Go to the web store and fill in the details, but DO NOT PAY. you can select "Phone Order" when checking out, which send the details to Master John but does not charge you. Bring the cash at the grading (at the latest 15 minutes before it starts).
    • Scan / Take a clear photo of your grading form, making sure you include which grading you will attend and what belt you are grading for on the form. Bring the cash at the grading (at the latest 15 minutes before it starts).

If you are paying by credit card / webstore:

  • Go to our Webstore, the link to the Grading Page
  • Choose the requested belt, fill in your / your child's details and which grading you will be attending
  • When you checkout, Pay using Paypal, it will give you an option to pay by credit card or via your PayPal account.

If anyone has any problems, please contact Master John on 0419 165 416 or email at

Fee increase for Term 4 2018

In 2018 we have invested more heavily in using more Assistant Instructors at all classes. You will notice, most classes will have a minimum of 2 Black Belts assisting at the Junior Dragons Classes. This has helped in us teaching your kids easier as Master John and Adam can focus on Higher Belts or oversee the class easier.

The new Term fee for a Dragon Student is $165 per school term. This includes Holiday Training at the Guildford Location for any student. 

We will still be offering the $10 discount for early birds, however we will not be accepting it for Cash payments or Direct Deposit. Our preferred method is via the web store and the reason for this is because it saves us time, especially during the classes where we want to minimise disruptions.

At classes we are usually too busy to process payments as we want to focus on the classes. We ask that people try to be pro-active and pay their fees in advance. If you have not paid your fees in advance of the term, you or your child may be asked not to join in.

These Fees will be effective as of the 10th September 2018.

Little Ninjas Test Item for their stripe 

Every Term we have a small test we give the Little Ninjas Classes, where they earn their “Stripe”.

The Stripes are applied to their belts, they follow the Dragons’ Belt Colours all the way up until Black Stripe. Some Ninjas who train since they were 3 and a half, have 4 Black Stripes now on top of the usual yellow, Green, Blue, Brown and Red. 

Last Term the Ninjas learnt to “Open the Door, Close the Door”. This little technique was for handling a situation where somebody wants to push you. They learnt to step back and turn side ways so they can avoid / brace against a pushing opponent. We use the Analogy of opening the door and closing the door so the kids can visualise their body movement with respect to the attack.

This Term we are teaching the kids a break fall, this is what to do in case they fall down, how to minimise impact on their head, hands and back. They learn to tuck in their chin, curve the back and roll instead of having a hard impact. Parents please have the ninjas practice this (perhaps on carpet or grass) but it’s another valuable skill that will assist them when they fall backwards.


John Tsoutis