2018 Camp

Hi all, Here is a quick report from our amazing Red Dragon Taekwondo Holiday Camp! WOW what a great time we had!

We had a total of 43 attend the camp and 25 do overnight stays. The camp saw all students doing activities like:

  • Daedo Sparring Session - Electronic Chest Guard Scoring
  • Everyone broke a real pine board including Ethan's Dad Martin!
  • Black Belts and Martin and Chris Barton did a gruelling Boxing session run by Adam
  • David Taylor ran a fabulous Capoiera session (many cartwheels followed)
  • Aikido Self Defence Session (a few sore wrists after that one)
  • Advanced Stretching and Flexibility session (people did the splits)
  • Team Building session run by Kerrie and Chris (how hard is it for a team to cross the river...???)
  • We played lots of cards in the evening as kids played and ran races, played Bocci and other hilarity (kids really did have fun and were off their devices)
  • Marshmallows around the bonfire
  • We did a Poomsae session, Sparring Sessions and had a Floss Dance off (apparently Lior won).
  • Black Belts did their forms ... a lot 
  • We did some kick strengthening which resulted in a lot of sore legs...
  • Adam celebrated his Birthday with 3 Birthday Cakes...
  • Tia did a Jump kick over 8 Kick Shields ... Check out the video on Facebook, they are almost as tall as she is

To see some of the activities conducted during the camp, check out our face book page:

John Tsoutis