Our Story

Red Dragon Taekwondo for years has pushed it's students to new heights, placing everyone out of their comfort zone and train them hard to respond. It's an amazing journey you can share in...



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  • Our Studio has full set of equipment that can train up to an elite level athlete, including:

  • Foam Mats covering the whole Studio

  • Toilets / Change Rooms

  • Upright Kick Stand targets

  • Kick Shields

  • Hurdles

  • Steps and Medicine Balls

  • Paddles

  • Chest Guards and Helmets 

  • Nespresso Coffee available

  • Water for sale

  • Tea

  • Lounges and chairs for parents

  • Equipment for sale Including:

    • Taekwondo Shoes

    • Chest Guards

    • Helmets

    • Gloves

    • Foot Protectors

    • Shin and forearm protectors

    • Uniforms

    • re-breakable boards