Kellyville Taekwondo Classes for Little Ninjas and Dragons
Best Martial Art for Kids

Little Ninjas Program
(Ages 4-7)


Kellyville Public School
35 Windsor Rd

4:00pm - 5:00pm
(2 spaces currently available)

Our Little Ninjas Program is an awesome way to stimulate little minds and get them moving. We play games that excite the kids, teach relevant martial arts skills that gives them the head start they need to improve their overall attitude, fitness level as well as progressing towards the Dragons Program. 

Junior Beginners Dragons
(Ages 8+)


Kellyville Public School
35 Windsor Rd

6:30pm – 8:00pm
(Waitlisted Enquiries only)

5pm - 6:30pm
(4 spaces currently available)

Ideal for Kids and Teenagers who are starting out in Taekwondo. Classes comprise of a warm up, a game or activity to lift the heart rate and work on movement, fitness and hand eye coordination skills.

We do about 15 minutes of stretching and strength conditioning before commencing fundamental level taekwondo which can comprise of:

Basic Kicks, Blocks and avoidance techniques | Kicking Drills
Forms | One Step Sparring
Curriculum based Self Defences
Non contact and contact sparring

Advanced Class and Senior Beginners (Ages 13+)

Sacred Heart School Hall (Parish Hall)
Ralph St

6:30pm - 8:30pm
(4 spaces currently available)

This follows a similar format to the Beginner Dragons Program, but is run more intensely. We also can include:

Advanced Stretching and Flexibility Training
Advanced Sparring Techniques
Advanced Self Defence Techniques
Board Breaking
Contact Sparring, 2 on 1 sparring and defence 
One Step Sparring
Kick Strengthening and Power development

Speciality Class

Black Belt Class

8:30pm - 9:00pm

Black Belt Classes are for all Black Belt Students and High Red gearing up for Black Belt Grading at the end of the year.
These classes are for giving Black Belts the opportunity to focus on Black Belt syllabus and continue to develop their skills at Black Belt Level ensuring they don’t stay stagnant.